Spiderman, HB Pencil

I have been working through a drawing instruction book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards. The left brain is specialized in verbal tasks; it is analytical, logical, temporal, and linear. The right brain is better at visual tasks such as drawing, enlisting spatial and relational skills. Edwards offers techniques that encourage right brain engagement, such as drawing upside down. I drew Spidey upside down. I like the result. Here is a fun little action video I made from the picture.


Two of my friends, Marcel and Wilson, made the same joke about my dog, Elli. When we took Elli for a walk, she would stop every few metres to deeply sniff the pee spots left by other dogs, and leave one in return. Nosebook is social media for dogs.

Away in a Manger

I created a stand-alone seasonal comic, Away in a Manger, based on a story by Marlene Leeper, told to her by her friend, Dr. Reg Reed. The story appeared in Stuart McLean’s Time Now for the Vinyl Cafe. Stuart McLean was a Canadian Christmas icon till he passed away in February of 2017.

The Sky is Falling

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On November 7, 2016 I started a comic strip, feeling optimistic that Donald Trump would lose the US election. Wow, was I wrong! The twist led to a 25 strip comic that served as my therapy.